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Welcome to the Pine River Review. Our sight is dedicated to our little homestead located along the Pine River tucked inside the Chippewa Nature Center's 1400 Acres of wild in Michigan's lower penninsula. We love to share our pictures, video, comment, and our own homespun music. Step inside our world as we celebrate this beautiful nook!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

River Music

The Rio Pine takes an elevation drop behind my house creating a gentle rapids. The sound of water tumbling and whooshing through the rocks is what I call RiverMusic. RiverMusic is just one part of an emerging art form WeWhoCare have nurtured here at our home along the river. As I recall, RiverMusic sprang out from our experiments in RiverSculpture back in the early years. There are large boulders that stick up from the river bed when the water is low during the summer months and we have fun pushing them up on their edges creating fanciful seascapes that also change the timbre of the river as it cascades against and around the newly arranged obstacles. The careful placement of a few stones will change the sound of the clatter maybe adding a low rumble or a high splash and of course the new swirls and eddies lend visuals to the show. This is quite abstract of course but the results can be breathtaking. Is it an Art form? We do not intend to define Art, but this creative act is intentional and does express more than it elements would imply on their own. Wala, Art

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