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Welcome to the Pine River Review. Our sight is dedicated to our little homestead located along the Pine River tucked inside the Chippewa Nature Center's 1400 Acres of wild in Michigan's lower penninsula. We love to share our pictures, video, comment, and our own homespun music. Step inside our world as we celebrate this beautiful nook!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fill It and They Will Come

     I got the feeder out this week and filled it up with the bargain seed my chum Joe was nice enough to pick up for me and stirred in a little high test sunflower seed to boost up the mix. I keep this red feeder hanging in the giant Maple in the front yard and it is easily seen through the picture window from my favorite chair. Cozy. This large window is flanked on either side by two sliding panes and the tree is about six paces out from there. I can slide open the side window and with my tripod and camera sitting inside the house, eat my granola, listen to the stereo, and shoot bird pictures! What a life.

Blue Jays don't sit around long so it takes a little luck and a lot of practice to locate them with the viewfinder, focus, and shoot. Someday, when you come over, I will show you my collection of empty limb pictures. We'll have wine and cheese.

                  Black Capped Chickadees are very brave and tolerate a human presence gladly.

             House Finches are also tough little guys that will stick around through the long dark winter.

                             "I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird
                                      and not enough the bad luck of the early worm."

                                                                                                 Franklin D. Roosevelt

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