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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World Bird Wednesday II

                                                  Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
So here's how it went down. I shot into Midland this morning from Mo-town on the promise of a sunny day and the warning that the next two days would bring a wintry mess. I wanted to get my new 400mm lens out and play National Geographic. It was still kind of cloudy when I reached Midland so I went home and tried to get a couple "small bird in flight" shots near the feeder to bide my time. Finally the sun started to burn through a bit and I pulled out the car, drove around, and hiked into the usual spots. Nothing. The shadows were already starting to get long so I changed strategy. The sun in the west is a good time to go by Overlook Park on the East side of town because the light is over your shoulder that time of day and it lights up the birds dramatically. I drove up the hill but the birds were a little to distant out on the lake for photo-ops even with the 400mm's long reach.

I left and drove around some more and spotted a big bird in a tree. It was way back in this guys yard. Fortunately he was out raking and agreed to let me wander back and get some chances at this Osprey. The bird flew off, I was satisfied I had photographed something but before I gave up and went grocery shopping I figured I'd make one more stop by the lake overlook. Suzanne called on the cell and I sat in the car talking to her for a few minutes. With the conversation finished I got out of the car and all over the lake birds were scattering, my camera was set up to shoot at 1/2000, lens cap off, and there s/he was swooping past me...I got twenty shots off and I was pumped!
What luck!

                                               Happy World Bird Wednesday!



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  1. Fantastic captures! And what a gorgeous one he is! Really superb! No wonder you were excited! Hope your week is going well!


  2. Some days, it all comes together! So glad you persevered, as I love both of these shots!!

  3. Thanks for visiting Sylvia and Judy.
    It's great to have a place to share the excitment of an experience like this with folk that understand the quirkyness(wd?)of it and "get it." You are smart people!

  4. ok, I´m in. Even if I don´t have such a magnificent bird as you. :)

  5. These are just gorgeous shots of the Eagle. How lucky you were to be there at the right time.
    Have a happy rest of the week.

  6. I'm so glad to know your in NatureFootstep. This Haliaeetus leucocephalus(is this even pronounceable?)was completely providential in nature. My draft was for a slightly out of focus "woodpecker in flight" post. I love 'em all, great or small. In fact 2010 has been a very good Sparrow year for me.
    Thanks for stopping by Becky and Gary. It's early and we have three great multifaceted entries already!

  7. Beuaitful shots of the eagle in flight! It is quite inspiring wating bold wings so dramatically spread in the sky!

  8. Nice shots of the eagle, Springman! Amazing light really is important :)

  9. Hint: Do not miss Wings Spirit USA's Hummingbird video!

  10. Gemma, Your Kookaburra's are amazing!

    Oyvind, I want you to know I've been practicing my stalking skills per your instructions!

  11. Supreme catch, prefect lighting..and an awesome specimen!!! Good job-

  12. Gary, It was so crazy. The auto focus worked so well! I'm still humming.

    Thanks Dixxe. Can you believe the great blogs? I just got back from the Bitterns Galore post where I stayed for a hour. Amazing!

  13. These are amazing captures! Well done, Springman!

  14. Excellent shots. It sounds like you have some good gear to shoot with. I am still with my small Canon--no extras--but we manage. I have a hard time with inflight shots. Most birds here I can get fairly close to. thanks for the invite. Neat blog you have. MB

  15. Thanks JM!

    Small City, Yes good equipment! The camera is a Canon T2i and the lens was the classic 400mm f5.6L.

    Suzanne, See you tomorrow honey!

  16. You really did "play" National Geographic - these shots are excellent!

  17. What beautiful shots!How exciting!
    I will try to link with you later today when I have more time,I don`t have much luck with links,but you have such a great idea here,I want to be part of it,thanks for visiting so that I could find your awesome blog!phylliso

  18. Strong and powerful picture of that eagle! Especially the first one where you see the eye so sharp. Good shot!
    regards from Sweden,

  19. Dreamfalcon, Nature photography reconnects me with the inner child. It is fantasy play.

    Phylliso, I think you will find Linky easy to navigate. It makes a get together like this possible. I can't wait to see your post!

    Lasse, I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of that adult Eagle and the two immature Eagles sometime soon. I am meeting a few folks who promise to give me better access to the edges of these industrially owned fenced off reservoirs. Alaska it ain't! Still, I am happy for my community that these iconic raptors are back with us!

  20. Springman, I am very impressed with your BIF shots. You are a pro!

    To answer your question: I put the flat rock on the post just to protect it and because I liked the look. All of the birds seem to like perching on the rock.:)

    Thanks for inviting me to this meme. I have truly enjoyed everyones wonderful bird photos!:)

  21. Wow...those eagle shots are great! Really wonderful!

  22. Looks like your patience really paid off, some days are like that, driving around, not getting much, then all of a sudden something magic happens... beautifully clear shots of our national bird.

    Well, I thought about linking to my wild turkey (ex), but thought better of it... that was the turkey in me thinking. Maybe another time...

  23. A 400mm lens is a great investment. That and patience, luck, knowledge and quick reflexes are what it takes to get a shot like yours of the bald eagle, really superb!

  24. Thanks Mary,
    My previous best effort on a bald eagle pic was a white pixel followed by a dark pixel followed by a white pixel.
    Jean, I can imagine you sitting in your trailer/ home/ bird blind leaning out the window with your camera in hand trying for that Black Capped Chickadee capture. Very Funny. I do the same thing of course.
    Your Hawk looked like he appreciated that stony perch!
    And now for Owen...who thought better of linking his Thanksgiving day thoughts and pictures to WBW. I would never second guess Owen. But if by chance you drop down lower on this page you will find a link for his Magic Lantern Show. Caution: It is mind expanding!

  25. Oh Hilke! A compliment from you is a great treasurer indeed.

  26. Argh, missed getting in this weeks but won't forget a second time, thanks for the visit the blog, much appreciated!

  27. Hi Springman,
    Great idea to start this meme and thanks for the initiative to do so! I look forward to contributing next week!

  28. Nice photographs!!!!!!

    Mike Mottram