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Welcome to the Pine River Review. Our sight is dedicated to our little homestead located along the Pine River tucked inside the Chippewa Nature Center's 1400 Acres of wild in Michigan's lower penninsula. We love to share our pictures, video, comment, and our own homespun music. Step inside our world as we celebrate this beautiful nook!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



                         Day One, Let There Be Birds!

      As I have traveled the blogosphere it has been my pleasure to observe the work of fabulous photo-naturalist and in the process learning plenty about the various approaches to capturing these images of natures most intriguing, diverse and illusive of species, birds.  Wonderful meme's such as Skywatch Friday and Weekend Reflections have given me, a very amateur but enthusiastic bird photographer, the desire to contribute to a bird themed meme where I could post word and picture of my small adventures. Alas, I could not find one! In my colossal naivete I thought perhaps I should be the person to start one. So I have taken a deep breath and begun. Think of it, bird photographers from around the world, with a shared passion and excitement for this difficult and enchanting pastime, encouraging and surprising each other with the products of our quest, the ultimate pleasure of capturing the reflected light off a beautiful bird into the magic boxes we now call cameras.
      To my compatriots on every continent, let us share our appreciation for the feathered creatures that  fly above and around us with a freedom terrestrial creatures can only envy!
      It is our world, it is day one.

                                                                                                        Your Host,

This is the home of "World Bird Wednesday." It is a place for bird lovers from around the world to post their favorite bird picture of the week. The Blogosphere connects like minded people from around our planet like no other technology can do. The inaugural World Bird Wednesday will be open for posting at noon Tuesday 11-23-10 EST North America through noon on Thursday 11-25-10. It would be most helpful, though not required, if you would identify your capture by it's common name and/or Latin name. Example: White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis)

You are invited to link your blog with other bird photographers in a weekly celebration of these most diverse and beautiful of Earth's residents, the BIRDS!

Three easy steps!
#1. Simply post the above picture on your W.B.W. blog entry.

#2. Copy this link on to your blog page to share W.B.W.

#3. Come to The Pine River Review on Tuesday Noon EST through Thursday Noon and submit your blog entry with Linky.              

And remember to click on the thumbnails of our contributors and comment on each others blogs!
                                                      Come on, it's your turn!


  1. I visited the link but its not open until noon EST. I'll be back.

  2. Hey Everyone,
    I'm here at the World Bird Wednesday headquarters and I'm struggeling valiently with Linky Tools to get your posts up amd running properly.I think we have it rolling now! Many thanks to Gary for helping to troubleshoot this thing.
    Hey, Have fun and we'll get the bugs out and the Birds in!

  3. Thank you so much for your visit/comment to my blog, they're always appreciated! I would love to participate in your new meme, but unfortunately my car recently expired and I'm limited to poor bus service. Consequently, getting around to get photos of birds will be very difficult! I will, however, visit and I'm adding your blog to the ones that I follow so that I can visit and comment on Wednesday and other days, too of course. Hope your week is going well! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I thank for the invitation. Beautiful idea. I sent already my photograph. Good continuity
    Charis K.

  5. Thanks for the invitation. I have added a link and added myself as one of your followers.

  6. Thanks Xaris and Emma for being visionaries and climbing on board with this idea of World Bird Wednesday. I know the nature of bird photography appeals to the strong, silent types but isn't it good to feel the warmth of like minds?!

  7. World Bird Wednesday looks great, Dad. I'll get my camera ready for next week's gallery!

  8. This is a great idea, and I'm sure will be very popular. So good to see so many bird people from around the world.

  9. What a great idea! I'm grateful to have been invited!

  10. Good morning Shannon, HoldingMoments,and Amila! Thank you for being out there with your cameras and you enthusiasm. It is exciting to get around and visit the sights.

  11. Glad to see your meme is having such success! I've already posted many bird shots since I started the 'in the wild' blog not so long ago, but I still have a few so I'll save them for wednesdays. :-)

  12. Well done for taking the initiative.

  13. Very nice idea! Just posted my photo, will do my best to get a new one every week. Will also try to spread this thing among my blog-friends in Norway!

  14. Good Afternoon JM, EarlyBirder, and Oyvind!
    Now here are three high powered bloggers. There is a wonderful feeling as World Bird Wednesday takes it first flight.
    Please don't be intimidated by the great writing and photography we are being treated to today. This meme is meant for all who love birds and the spirit they gender in us. Skill level is in no way, shape, or form a prerequisite.
    Birding, writing, and photography are three lifelong pursuits that are as enthralling and uplifting the first day you practice them as they are after you've been chasing their secrets for decades. Join us!

  15. Thanks for the invitation!
    Greetings from northern Transylvania-Romania!

    Robert Hitter (birds and the birds world)

  16. Glad to have you in the fold Robert! Transylvania-Romania? Oh boy, I have every Nosferatu film going back 100 years! That is really something.

  17. All these photographs are excellent! I am hoping if I hang around long enough, I will learn more. Keep posting, I'll keep viewing for now :)

  18. Greetings from Black Sea! I searched Your images and they are fabulous. I may advice You to rename the metadata of images, it works better for google indexing and traffic.

  19. Miss kodee, It is a pleasure to have you hanging around!

    Richard, I will look into your advise as I don't know how to rename the metadata of images. In fact I don't know what that is! The technical end of doing a meme was not terribly daunting but it was very time consuming. I will do my research.

  20. Great idea and thanks for the invite. Hopefully I'll have some more digiscoped images for future posts of WBW.

  21. Thank you for inviting me. I have never really managed a good bird photo. But with a meme like that, who knows? I'd love to join.

  22. nishki,
    I look forward to your images!

    Bird pictures are the toughest challenge there is in my opinion. That's why it's so satisfying to get a good one!

  23. Springman, I appreciate the invite! After looking around your blog...I will certainly participate in this wonderful meme. :)

  24. Hi Springman - thanks for the invitation. I hope there is 2nd edition this week where I can contribute!

  25. Hey Springman. Thanks for your invite. Hopefully I will have some beautiful swan pics to post for this week's WBW. That is if it ever stops raining.

  26. There are some other Bird blogging "things" going on: check out
    I and the bird:
    Bird Photography Weekly: