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Welcome to the Pine River Review. Our sight is dedicated to our little homestead located along the Pine River tucked inside the Chippewa Nature Center's 1400 Acres of wild in Michigan's lower penninsula. We love to share our pictures, video, comment, and our own homespun music. Step inside our world as we celebrate this beautiful nook!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

World Bird Wednesday IX

The Downy Woodpecker[Picoides pubescens] is the smallest woodpecker in North America.

Up close and personal!

I was all set to go out to the eagle pond one gray day this week and see if I could make any headway shooting in the low light. As soon as my hand touched the door knob it started to snow and I gave up on that idea. The dishes needed washing so I shifted my mind set from crack photographer to domestic servant. The window above my sink looks out over the back yard and the river. As I began to suds up I caught sight of a Pileated Woodpecker banging on the tree near the high bank! Crack photographer threw off his apron and shot into action. In a blur of motion the tripod was set up and with the big 400mm strapped on to it  I was ready for bear. I nudged open the sliding glass door and with the cold air pouring into the house I clicked off a few reference shots. I had not seen a Pileated in the six years since I saw my first and this guy was calmly pounding the tree and paying me no mind. I looked down at my camera settings to make some adjustments and when I looked back up the bird was gone and the meter reader from the electric company was trudging through the yard oblivious to everything.Yikes! Crack photographer put away his gear and went back to sulk in his suds with thoughts of what might have been.
Curses, foiled again! 

Now it's time for World Bird Wednesday

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  1. Brilliant shot of the woodpecker Springman. Nice to be able to see so much close up detail. And thanks for another World Bird Wednesday.

  2. I know Im early but got a busy afternoon its now or never--
    SUPER close portrait of the little Downy--you captured great feather detail and the eye!!

    I feel your pain on the "one that got away" that happens to me on a daily basis, what I really hate is when I grab the camera the bird is very patient, turn on the camera and it says BATTERY LOW and it turns itself off GRRR---so it becomes a very good reason to never give up and keep trying to get the golden shot!! Do you do windows-;o)

  3. Very nice shot of the woodpecker! I'm also posting some shots of a woodpecker, a regular guest at a feeding place close to home. Nice birds...

  4. Amazing shot on top, Springman! Sorry about the Pileated, hopefully he will be back. :-)

  5. I hope the Pileated Woodpecker returns, maybe he has decided to make your yard his winter territory.
    The shot of the Downy Woodpecker is fantastic. Is that what I need, a 400 mm instead of my 300?

  6. Martha,
    4$$mm-3$$mm it's never enough. Surprisingly the Downy photo was taken with a 50mm lens from about three feet away!
    Hi everyone ;-)WBW

  7. You gotta love the Downey's. I have lots and they are always welcome. Awesome macro!
    I can only imagine your dissapointment when the Pilated flew away. I rarely see one in flight let alone on a tree. One can only hope.

  8. There's always an amazing view from your sink! Don't fret, Dad, he'll be back, I'm sure.

    Tomorrow starts our first West Michigan Wednesday over at The birds on this side of the state are waiting for you!

  9. Love this post! The images are fascinating, but your words give the whole experience of bird watching a wonderful sparkle! Enjoyed this!

  10. The woodpecker is great. The road of an amateur wild life photographer is pave with missed opportunities.A professional is not home washing dishes. He's out in some exotic place taking photos. Ha Ha Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  11. Love the shot of the Downy with those beautifully detailed feathers! It's a good guess that the Pileated Woodpecker will be back since it looks like it's just starting on a hole. But next time don't waste time taking that apron off :-)

  12. Poor old crack photographer! I wonder what the *&#'s were that you were mouthing. I probably would have chucked the dishes out the window in sheer frustration. At least you got a go at it and a great fishing story to tell!

  13. That close-up is amazing! Wait a minute--you do dishes? LOL

    It seems like the woodpeckers here stay in place better than any of the other birds. Of course, that doesn't mean they just sit and wait on me. I have seen them plenty of times with my eye but not the camera.

    Besides looking at your pictures,I love reading your posts--you're either very poetic or quite humorous. Love it!

  14. Remarkable, just remarkable Mr. Springman!!

  15. Wonderful shots of this charming little fellow! The closeup is one of the best I've ever seen.

    Thanks again for hosting this lovely meme. I'm an amateur compared to some of the entries, but it is such a pleasure to visit you and the other entries. Feels like I've been birding with the experts!!

  16. Oh the cursed meter reader ! The gall...

  17. Wonderful shot of the Downey. I see the Pileated quite often--in flight going the other way. Swoop Swoop!! MB

  18. Too bad Crack Photographer couldn't jump into full action.
    But at least you got the shot you got!
    Don't you love oblivious people,.... :/

  19. Most folks would go crazy for a pileated on the yard list. We've had them 3 times that we know of--and we're trying to find ways to entice them to the feeders. Next step, smear pb&s (peanut butter and suet) on the trees.

  20. Birders seem to have as many hard-luck stories as fishermen! The photo of the Downy is really great - and hopefully there'll be another chance sometime for the other one.

  21. Lovely Woodpeckers you have in the States. Great images. Washing the dishes is a chore we all have to suffer....

  22. I love being able to see this woodpecker so close,we have alot of them too coming regularly now,I never was able to get such a good picture tho,amazing,every little feather & the look in his eye!phylliso

  23. can´thelp but smile. That is how it is. Almost every time, isn´t it. But the woodpecker you show is also something extra to me. Great shots! :)

  24. I am a sucker for feather details. Super capture!!!

  25. there are no secret to my "godlen" shot. If ypu like to try it, this was the camera setting:
    A low sun angle is good. Morning or late afternoon.
    Camera setting was
    WB = shade,
    Picture style= landscape.
    Good luck. :)

  26. I love your story. It's funny how something always spoils that perfect shot. Your picture of the Downy is excellent. I'm glad this WBW link was pointed out to me.
    Sorry about the double post - couldn't get the Linky to work.

  27. It was a great WBW see you next week!

  28. Gorgeous shot of a beautiful bird.