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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XIX


Writers Block 

Once in a while my brain locks up and nothing of note comes to mind. The muse, of course, is fickle and ideas can be as rare as hen's teeth. I knew this day would come and so I have hatched a plan. I am excited to use the space next to the Mute swan and Tree swallow to introduce you to the work of Jack William Binder, 10 year old son of Sgt. Craig Binder my friend and fire fighting brother in arms. Jack William is a poet and an all around creative guy who never ceases to amaze us with his insights into the human condition. He is an old soul, as the mystics say, and speaks with an authority and clarity that often chills me. Here is one of his recent reflections, "The Artist," that expresses eloquently the soul of a youthful creative spirit.

The Artist

I am a creative guy who likes art.

I wonder if my art will ever be hung in a museum.

I hear my art make noise as I work on it.

I see it moving in my mind.

I want my art to come to life.

I am a creative guy who likes art.

I pretend to swim in the oceans I draw.

I feel the roughness of the bark off the trees I draw.

I touch the fur or the scales off the animals I draw.

I worry my art wont be good.

I cry when my art is a sad drawing.

I am a creative guy who likes art.

I understand the story of other people’s art.

I give compliments to everyone’s art work.

I dream I am famous for my art.

I try to get A’s in art class.

I am a creative guy who likes art.
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  1. Wow Springman -- that is a wonderfully talented young friend you have there. I almost forgot to add my link,as I was so wrapped up in your post.

    I first thought you were going to use the mute swan as a metaphor for writer's block and no words (sound).

    Thanks again for sponsoring WBW; I'm glad to have found you.

  2. The reflection shot is amazing! Well done, Springman!

  3. Great photos Springman and thanks once again for hosting WBW.

  4. Excellent image of the swan!
    I loved the poem and felt like it spoke to me about my own wants as an amateur photographer.
    Found your blog through Sallie and Eileen.

    Carletta@Round The Bend

  5. Super Swan portrait.

    Young JW is definitely a talented lad. Thanks for sharing his words. FAB.

  6. I can relate to that poem. But change draw to photo.

    The photo of he swallow is just one of those moments when everything clicks. Great one. :)

  7. Thanks for the kind comments and welcome to WBWXIX!
    I was taken with Jack words and how universal is the urge to create something tangible for the creative person.
    Hey Sallie, You got it perfectly, right out of the gate! The Mute Swan Represents writers block or myself this week and the Tree swallow is a metaphor for Jacks light and agile ten year old mind lit up by the creative experience that we all enjoy so much. The swallows murky reflection is like an unformed idea coming to the surface and taking shape...
    It's cool not to have to spell things out. I sure didn't want to step on Jacks concise, razor sharp thoughts.
    You guys are smart!

  8. That portrait of a Mute Swan is excellent and the Swallow flying over the water is nothing less than superb!
    Young Jack has quite a talent. I enjoyed the poem very much.

  9. Beautiful close-up of the swan.

  10. As usually your post is so beautiful!

  11. Lost for words but still producing a lovely post.

  12. The Poem is amazing and so are your photos--thanks for hosting this for us BirdBrians!

  13. I am awed but the poem. It gave me chills. An old soul dwells within this young child.
    Sorry...but your fine photos took second place.:)

  14. Thanks for sharing that great poem, Springman -- I think many of us can relate to young Jack's words! Beautiful portrait of the swan as well!

  15. That must be one amazing 'kid' to meet. An old soul indeed.

    Lovely shots, especially love the Tree swallow. Never even heard of that one :)

  16. Love the intense sense of closed stillness in the swan's profile! Beautiful! And your young friend writes straight from the soul, unblemished by synthetic techniques! A great post!

  17. Wonderful close-up of the Mute Swan! And that Swallow in flight: perfect!

  18. Hello Springman, I love your shot of the swallow, awesome shot in flight. Lovely post and poem. The closeup of the mute swan is beautiful. Have a great day!

  19. Thank you young Jack William,old soul I agree

  20. Fantastic portrait of the swan.

  21. Awesome photographs as always Dave! Thanks for hosting this great meme!

  22. Your images is perfect. The portrait is beautiful and the reflection shot is superb. Thank you for your hint. I went strait to the instruction manual. I do not know if it is the back button focusing, but there is severals settings I did not know about. One of them are for birds in action.
    Looking forward to try.
    Thanks for hosting us and have a nice day.

  23. That's a neat poem, Springman. Enjoyed reading it and I am sure that one day Jack is going to be famous for his art. He's got a lot of talent! I like your photo of the tree swallow with its reflection. They are always too fast for me.

  24. Gorgeous reflection. You certainly are an artist!

  25. The reflection bird you caught is really amazing ! You camera must be quite a good one to be able to catch so much details at that speed... Bravo !

  26. Wow that bird shot and it's reflection are stunning.

  27. Oh, I'll be back soon. I have a decent shot of a red-tailed hawk I recently took.

    I like your reflections.

  28. Beautiful swan photo, and a great capture of the bird in flight and its reflection below.

  29. It takes a poet to recognize a poet.

    The bird wheeling, wing to the water, vertical wingspan, reflected as well, it doesn't get much better than that.

    I guess this is really your time of year now, oh Spring-man...

  30. That Jack poet is really something, isn't he? I wonder if he is the same kid of poetic fame that I saw at the Poets' Fireside Cafe last month. Such talent. Such humor. Such passion.

    A poem from the heart is best. Give that kid an A.

  31. Wait! That was written by a 10 year old???!!!! Holy cow, impressive and truly well beyond his years. My first visit to your blog. It is beautiful. I am a bird nut, but have yet to photograph any. I am a photographer that captures the beauty of nature however. I will return to your site for sure! I too, am a Michigander.