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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XV

The Great Egret  (Ardea alba)

These photos were taken on a bright  afternoon just outside of Sarasota, Florida in an area known as the Celery Fields. These wetlands had been drained in the last years of the 1800's for agricultural use. The main crop grown here was...celery! In 1994 the land was purchased by Sarasota county and re-crafted again into wetlands capable of storing excess rainwater. Soon after the birds returned and it is claimed 185 species have been observed here in the years since. Florida is catching on to the fact that bird watching is a big eco-tourist attraction.

Blown Highlights Are Us!
It was a tough test trying to get pictures of these brilliant white waders that weren't blown out. How wonderful it would be to spend a month photographing these magnificent critters instead of a couple hours. I'm sure there are ways to compensate for such conditions that I'm not aware of other than waiting for an overcast day. Mid-day sun is sure good for getting the fast shutter speeds necessary for Birds in flight though.

        Now it's time for World Bird Wednesday XV
      This is the home of World Bird Wednesday. A place for bird photographers from around the world to gather and share their photographs and experiences as they pursue Natures most diverse and beautiful treasurers, the birds. The Blogosphere connects like minded people from around our planet like no other technology can do. World Bird Wednesday will be open for posting at 12 noon Tuesday EST North America through midnight on Wednesday.

    You are invited to link your blog with other bird photographers in a weekly celebration of these most diverse and intriguing of Earth's residents, the BIRDS.


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                     Come on it's your turn!


  1. Wow I got to be first. Great photos!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Great Photos Springman. Egrets are a very difficult bird to photograph in full sun so you have done very well indeed.

  3. Love your photos! The second one shows a great view of the neck. The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior shows that the esophagus and trachea actually curve back around the neck bone so that it isn't exposed when they stab at their food.

  4. These are amazing shots of the egret, Springman. Your right, exposure on white birds is tricky, I'm rarely satisfied with my images.

  5. Your photos are astonishing, the flight shots and that brilliant green mask!!! Full of WOW factor.

  6. Happy WBW!
    Gary and Boom are first and that is appropriate since they helped Godfather WBW back in the early days 15 weeks ago! Hopefully things are warming in Northern Ontario for Boomers go-to guy.
    Thanks for the encouragement Adam. You've shared some great adventures this week!
    That is some incredible info Mike, my post isn't exactly filled with data today. That is a clever adaptation indeed. I am living off my Florida bird pics as far as the blog goes though I did see a Meadowlark last week. That was a first. I thought it was a Waxwing until I ID'ed the picture.
    I won't be able to get into the blogs 'till a bit later today after my Dentist visit.
    Carry On!

  7. Hey Martha! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping some of our "Pro" photographers will shed some light on this topic.
    Good morning from Michigan Arija! These Florida birds are not very hard to find or get close to like Michigan birds. Yes, they are knock outs. Isn't it wonderful to see their spectacular plumage?

  8. Superb!
    They really live up to their name....'Great' in every way. Magnificent birds.

  9. Your egret shots are just FANTASTIC!!! Compared to some of my photos, yours have NO washout! Glorious!

  10. Outstanding shots of the beautiful Egret, Springman!

  11. Beautiful birds and photos too. Very bright light is always tricky. I think every camera is different but on mine - a Pentax K200D - I find I get better results on a very bright day by setting the exposure compensation down a half step.

  12. this is stunnuing shots Springman. I think it is the best I have ever seen.

  13. Stunning images Springman. Correct me if I am wrong do I recall you hired a lens to take on your trip. If these are the results then a purchase will be sooner than later. To repaet myself stunning!

  14. Cracking pictures - white birds - what an exposure nighmare they can be at times - although not here!!!

    Splendid - Stewart M - Australia

  15. Simply stunning images of one awesome egret.
    Vey pleasing on the eye, lovely poses with truly great clarity and detail...I am very jealous Springman!

  16. I have never seen the Great Egret in breeding plumage so well presented and beautifully photographed. The photos are enchanting, pure joy! Thanks for posting these, Springman.

  17. Springman -- thank you again for doing this wonderful meme.

    Your photos are absolutely amazing and I am feeling very humble that I am even allowed to link my amateur efforts. But I learn so much from yours and other entries.

    We haven't been over to Sarasota yet; it is on our list. It's looking much like we will need to take the roadtrek and camp out for a few days -- even though it could easily be a day trip. Too much to see there for one afternoon.

  18. These are fantastic shots of the beautiful Egret! You have done an admirable job in the bright sunlight. Love the header too!

  19. You did excellant in the bright light! Beautiful photos,what a beautiful bird!phylliso

  20. I think I put my comment on the other page--DONT take much to confuse Dixxe--duh
    I got PHOTO envy going on here and Im so happy for YOU that you saw all these wonderul birds and brought it all back to share with us--
    DO you ever watch on PBS Wild Photo Adventures? Doug Gardner is a SC photographer and birds are this speciality...He said when shooting white birds in bright light...meter the bird and then turn it down one (whatever the heck that means)!

  21. Gosh you guys! Thank you! I am running around today like the the proverbial headless chicken. I'll be at the firehouse tomorrow and I'm hoping for a few free hours to peruse the blogs.

    Sondra, Wild Photo Adventure sounds like a hoot. I think maybe I saw a bit of it once. I kind of get what Mr.Gardner is saying but let me tell you when your on limited time and these fantastic birds are performing for you it can be almost panic time trying not to blow the opportunity. Doesn't that run contrary to what should be a peaceful,connecting, experience?

    Phylliso, Remember the movie "Gremlins?" Bright Light, bright light!

    Thanks Joo and Pat for the encouragement!

    Sallie, I hope these images encourage birders to consider the Sarasota area for a winter break. I don't see how you could go wrong. The birds are not hard to find and you can get really close. Suzanne and I were there only six days and two were spent traveling. In that short time we saw so much. I'm not nearly done posting Florida pics! These kinds of opportunities make for some fine photographs.

    Hilke, You've made me blush!

    Thanks Dave!

    Thanks Stewart, Yeah, I guess this is Florida's version of the Great White!

    Andrew, Yes, I did rent Canons latest 70-300L series lens. What a fantastic idea that turned out to be. It was the perfect compromise between size and reach and being an L lens it certainly behaved wonderfully. If and when I get another opportunity like this I would not hesitate to rent a specific lens for a trip.

    Thank you NatureFootstep for your kind words!

    Thanks for the advise Mick. Now that I've had a little time to think it over I could put your idea to work by bracketing the exposure too.

    JM, my hero, Thanks for the praise!

    Texwisgirl, Thanks for the kind shout out!

    Ah, HoldingMoments, Bless you for kind remarks!

  22. Springman, I agree that you your captures are breathtaking!!!

  23. Gorgeous ! Man that flight shot is really beautiful. Perfect lighting too it looks like. Love that last one too, there's some great colors in there. Thumbs up for sure!

  24. Your photos are awesome - I love the green mask since I haven't seen it before!

  25. Wow, these are gorgeous shots of the Egrets. Awesome details on the egrets. The Celery fields sound like a great place to go birding. Thanks for hosting this fun bird meme.

  26. There are just NO words to describe how awesome these pictures are. Just gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing. What a breath of fresh air for those of us still stuck in the snow!

  27. Your pictures are STUNNING! There is an egret who frequents the pond but I have yet to get just the right shot of him.

  28. I agree with Hilke, Springman. Just stunning images, inspirational for us out here trying to do the same one day!

  29. Boom & Gary, good for you! you SHOULD be first! Well done.

  30. Great Egret!
    Definitely a hard one to shoot. I always have my camera set to underexpose one full stop and in bright sun I use a polarizer. My pictures still come out bad, so better not listen to me...

  31. Wow!!! What a day. I have seen some beautiful pics!

    Thanks for stopping by Dave. I have yet to try a polarizer. That sounds like an interesting idea.

    I agree Robin, Hilke, Boom, and Gary are good company!

    Emptynester, how luck to have your own egrets!

    Becky and Gary, thanks for your encouraging words it is appreciated!

    Eileen, Your sweet! Yep the Celery fields are rockin'

    Thanks Johnny nutcase, These are some wonderful animals!

    Dreamfalcon, Thanks for participating you are awesome!

    Thanks for the good words Jean!

    Good Night WBW ;-)

  32. Fabulous shots of the Great Egret! Very precious photographic works!